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Quality white metal miniatures for gamers, figure painters & collectors

Near Future Troopers, painted by Stone Cold Lead Figure Painting


 Matt of Glenbrook Games will be attending UK shows with a selection of our 28mm Sci-fi & fantasy figures

They will be at the following shows next month

 Hammerhead (Newark), 3 March

Overlord (Abingdon), 4 March

I will add a proper section for upcoming shows soon



Starship Crew

New 28mm starship crew available now


Alien Plant Life

Martian Man Trap, Carnivorous Plant 



Owl Totem statue


Newly painted Dwarf magic users

 Shaun Watson has kindly painted up my dwarf magic users

 Dwarf druid & apprentice

Adventuring dwarf wizard & assistant

Chaos dwarf wizard & assistant

Eastern dwarf sorcerer & assistant


Near Future Troopers Available Now


Painted by Stone Cold Lead Figure Painting



The first of our 28mm Animals released starting with polar bears and brown bears